How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Students often do a lot of paperwork. They learn different types of essays and papers, whether these are literature review, research papers, or opinion pieces. Though, perhaps, one of the most challenging can be an argumentative essay. Such work requires a lot of work and analysis alone with percussion and dedication. An argumentative essay always states its firm and unquestionable position on an issue. Usually, such pieces have topics on politics, science, or technologies. The essence of such essays is to guide a reader through the topic and persuade them, with evidence and logic, in the correctness of your stand. Here are a few tips on how to write a high-quality argumentative essay.

Choose the right type

For the sake of your essay, it is crucial to choose the right type of argument. Choose the type of work you would prefer to analyze and prove. For instance, an argumentative essay can argue whether the issue at stake is important or not; or it can discuss the true meaning of the chosen issue. It can also take a form of a debate and clash two opposite views on the issue, where one of them would be established as the correct one. Such type of essay is the most popular one. It is easy to see why. It is rather convenient to perform your arguments by contrasting them against the false ones.


Write a roadmap of your paper. It is easy to get confused in your own arguments if they are not structured well. An argumentative essay supposses to have a lot of arguments which you should structure in a manner that helps your cause of conviction. It’s possible that you are already intimidated by a single thought of writing it and now you keep thinking “if there is anyone to write my essay for me?”Of course, you can always order essay online. Though don’t despair. It is, indeed, easier than it sounds. Just think, “can I do my homework with these tips?” If the answer is yes then let’s continue.
Always offer two sides to a single story. Prepare your readers to the debate. For this purpose, your introduction must contain the full thesis statement alone with a clear explanation of the problem to resolve. Be sure to express what side you prefer in the given argument. Further in the essay, your job will be to prove the right choice. Hence, outline your work within a manner that will cover both sides of the issue though with the eventual focus on the one, preferred, side.

Use a lot of data

Evidence, evidence, and more evidence. That should be your motto for an argumentative essay. Such paper should provide its readers with a lot of convincing arguments on behalf of the chosen thesis. This can be any data that you retrieve from reliable or academic sources. You can loot for statistics, annual reports, peer-reviewed journal articles, and so on. Such data should be the center of your work. Don’t forget to prove each of your claims with the source that can ensure its credibility.


Writing an argumentative essay can be a challenge. Of course, with practice and more experience, you will find that there is a lot of fun in this task. You ought to be persuasive, stubborn, and rather demanding in explaining why you believe your position on a matter is the right one. Isn’t this what we all love to do time by time? Though now you get to be encouraged to do it for grades! Just have fun, search for credible sources, and be consistent in your writing. Good luck!